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Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams

Some of the pros of taking Exams.

Whether or not exams should be part of the learning process is a question that is up for discussion. Besides the rewards associated with exams, they have a few setbacks, as witnessed by the reactions of students and teachers. Students can attest that exams send shivers down the spines and bring a lot of anxiety, frustrations, and stress among students. In many education systems, reviews are widely considered a way of grading students’ capabilities. It is a standardized system that tests the knowledge practiced and taught in schools. Whereas many argue that exams are not a fair way of testing a student’s knowledge, there are many advantages of taking exams in an organized system in an education system.

Exams help the students expand on their knowledge by reading widely and internalizing the contents of the materials. Experts consider a test as a fair way of evaluating and informing the students and how much knowledge they have acquired during their period study. The exams encourage the students to study harder or pay more attention to specific details to improve their grades and become top performers.

The other positive aspect of taking an exam is the ability to enhance competition among individuals and students. When students compete, they stand a chance to research, explore, and read widely, which consequently assists them in acquiring knowledge beyond their academic limits. The modern world is competitive in terms of who becomes the best while the opportunities are limited. Students have to be unique in what they do for students to thrive in such a competitive world. Exams offer a critical method to kick start the competition culture among the students, which turn out to be beneficial to their future successes.

Scholarships are awarded to the best and needy students to pursue their education dreams in different schools and universities around the world. The scholarships cover the education expenses that would have otherwise be expensive for some students to pay. Through examinations, the best students are selected and awarded with prestigious opportunities to continue their education.

What are the Disadvantages of Sitting for Exams? Exams are one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety among students. Many forms of examinations require students to memorize different concepts that have been taught in class. Students are not able to memorize most of the materials taught in class, and they end up blaming themselves and stressing kick in. Besides, comparing students’ abilities and intelligence amongst themselves may result in decreased self-esteem. Among some of the cons of taking exams to include but not limited to;

  • It measures facts instead of concepts and principles.
  • Instructors focus on students who demonstrate the ability to pass.
  • Anxiety and demotivation from students which results in demotivation
  • Where the exam outcomes determine class activities, it may hinder education reform efforts.
  • Exams only focus on the specific topics taught in class. The routine eliminates the tests for cognitive and noncognitive aspects that do not form part of the exam.