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What Essay Writing EntailsTo compose an excellent essay, students should ensure that they do the following:Analyze the theme or topic Write in the first person Place emphasis on the writer’s views List points quantitatively The first stage in essays is the analysis, which entails investigating the topic and finding the subject of the essay. After that, they must expound on their main points, elaborate logically, and deliver the essay’s supporting arguments in the second person. A great essay will adhere to the rules since it is determined by how your instructor wants to examine it.The third stage involves writing in the third person. When doing this, the writer identifies with their ideas or ideas taken in research. However, ensure that the writer does not exaggerate or use clich ideas that do not make sense. For this reason, do not be driven by personal interest if you are drafting in the third person. Instead, go for a focused approach that presents your views in an organized manner. The importance of this point lies in finding an appropriate tone for the essay. There are two common ways you can employ to choose your tone. First, you can choose a situation that you feel comfortable with. When doing so, you can find a way to relate your viewpoints and ideas. It is also recommended to start from a subject you are confident of while choosing a way to capture your thoughts. The other approach to choosing your tone is through appropriate writing and referencing style. When choosing the formatting style, ensure you consider all the factors. For instance, you can use the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian styles. The headings assigned should be precise and organized to make the information easily accessible. What to Consider When Selecting Writing StyleWhile there are a myriad of writing styles, it is essential to select one that you can use effectively to write your essay. However, you must ensure you stick to the preferred citation style and format. Don’t change the title from citation style paper to APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, among others. The other thing to do is to create a list of all sources you will use for your paper. This will ensure that the information used in your essay is credible, reliable, well researched, original, and will be hard to copy.

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