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Today, finding the right information on the Internet is very easy. You can open the page you need and read everything you need. Many linguists from year to year do research on how to write an essay. Many books and articles have already been written on this topic. But to get this knowledge, you do not need to read all these books, spending a few days studying all the subtleties and requirements. It is enough to know a few basic rules.

But what about those who are already working on writing an essay, but do not know at all what to finish? After all, the conclusion of the essay plays a huge role in this process. The conclusion of the essay is the point in your work, which should make your reader think about the topic of your essay, draw the necessary conclusions and analyze your work.

It is important to use words and phrases that help the reader understand that he has reached the final paragraph of the text. To do this, strive to be original and not start from the usual “in conclusion”, “in short”, “finally” and the like. It is better to use the words, expressions, quotes, data and examples that you used in the first paragraph, or later in the text, because it will give a feeling of completeness and completion of the topic. Also pay special attention to the transition from the last paragraph to the conclusion and try to connect them from a logical point of view. In general, try to avoid using too complex sentences and arguments in the conclusion, which would be too heavy and strange at the end of speech. In the last paragraph, it is important to use clear and simple language to keep the reader’s attention to the last word. Once the conclusion is written, re-read it several times, perhaps out loud, to make sure that the structure is strong, that the language used is simple, but not trivial and obvious, and that the impression created corresponds to the purpose of your text.

Understanding how to write an effective conclusion and what strategies to use to structure it fully is not as difficult as it may seem. As you already understood, this part of the text is of fundamental importance, since it largely depends on the final impression that our reader will extract from what we have described and discussed. Therefore, it would be a mistake to underestimate its importance and be limited to a small phrase of circumstances, perhaps repeating what has already been said in the text, without too many changes. A good text, effective and well structured, will be enhanced by a brilliant conclusion and will leave its mark in the minds of your readers. This is the main goal of any essay. Therefore, pay special attention to this part.

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