How to write a narrative essay introduction

For any student, the task to write an essay is a standard task that we each encountered more than once while studying at a university or school. But sometimes it happens that you are going to work on an essay, but then it turns out that you cannot write a single line. This is not because you do not have the necessary knowledge about your essay. Rather, you just don’t know where to start. It happens to every student; it even happens to professional writers. Therefore, do not panic. Pull yourself together and familiarize yourself with some of the rules that will help you understand how to write a narrative essay introduction.

A letter requires certain rules that are hardly taught in schools or universities. Writing the introduction is worth special attention, because this part is as important as the main part or the conclusion. This may surprise you, but in the case of an introduction, there are some fairly codified rules to follow.

The first step to writing an effective introduction is to understand what its function is in textual economics and, therefore, what functions it should have and how it should be structured. The introduction function is to introduce the composition object, so it should introduce the essay topic and help the reader understand what will be discussed. What features should it have? First, it should be short: keep in mind that it should be about 10% of the total text length. Therefore, it is important that it be synthetic and brief, but at the same time we must be careful not to fall into the trap of simplifications: if we are brief, we risk too much simplification, and this is probably the most common drawback of the introduction.

Begin your introduction with some interesting phrase or rhetorical question. Your main goal is to attract the attention of your reader. If you cannot interest the reader in the first lines of your essay, then when you read your essay completely, the reader’s attention will be scattered. Think about what might interest you and whether it is interesting to others. You can also use an interesting quote or even a joke. The introduction of the essay should be original and memorable, but do not overdo it. Do not forget that the volume of your introduction should not exceed 10 percent of the text. This is very important, as a too long introduction also has a bad effect on the reader’s attention. Even if it is very interesting, fun or exciting, it may prevent your reader from perceiving the information that you have to give in the main part.

You can easily check the effectiveness of your introduction if you ask someone from your relatives or acquaintances to read it. You can also order a review of your essay or a ready-made essay on any topic from professional writers on the site. To do this, you must fill out a special form.

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